From: Jessica G.

Hello Mood,
I wanted to say thank you for your support during our recent move from Southern California to Oregon. There were inevitably a few times during the move when things got confusing, but we always knew that if we called you then we'd get a clear and prompt answer..

From: Kimberly B.

Hey Stan,
I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for all your assistance in my move from Venice to Boulder. Every step of the way you were so informative, assuring and most importantly attentive..

Save Big Bucks With Our Self Moving Services

When you're starting to plan your move, it can feel like you have only two options: either pay a professional moving company to box up your home, and hope they don't tack on hidden fees before returning your belongings. The second choice is to rent a truck yourself, do all the heavy lifting, and then get behind the wheel for a long drive. If neither sounds appealing, you're in luck. A new form of moving, self-service, has been growing in popularity, thanks to its common sense approach. It's just that simple. With, you pack your belongings into as much space as you need on the vehicle, and we do the hard driving.

When you're ready to begin relocating, will drop the appropriate number of sizable, weather-resistant crates. You can then pack your stuff at your own leisure, lock it up, and we'll come pick it up. Your gear will then be delivered at your new home of office once you arrive.

Think of the big money you can save by doing all of your own packing and unpacking all of your stuff. Of course we can help you custom wrap and stack the difficult items, such as large furniture. Some insurance coverage will be factored into the price of your specific self-service move. There's no need to sweet the road conditions, as your valuables will be safe with our certified drivers.

Appropriate Check-List

Before you begin a self move, there are a few questions you should clear up. For example, do you have reliable helpers to relocate you in your timeframe? Will your team be strong enough to safely move awkward or large items?

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Multiple Trips
  • Will extra trips be required?
  • What are the hidden costs involved, such as time gas and highway tolls?
  • Is your vehicle large enough for all of your stuff? How many trips do you think will be required?

  • Personal Injury
  • Is everyone in your crew aware of safety techniques for safely moving and carrying objects?
  • Be prepared for minor injuries, like cuts and grazes. Always ensure you have a basic first aid kit to hand.

  • Damaged Items
  • What can you do beforehand to prevent any and all breakages
  • It is probable that something will be damaged during your move. How will you react if one of your helpers breaks one of your important pieces?

  • Emotional Strain
  • How much time will you need to recover after you've moved, a few hours, or a couple of days?
  • Consider the stress sometimes involved in performing your own move. Is the extra strain worth the money you'll save?
  • Moving house can be a stressful experience and short tempers can be lost. Be mindful of the personalities you are putting together to help your move go as smoothly as possible. Keep plenty of adequate refreshments around for both mental and physical relief.

  • Are You Covered?
  • Is the designated driver appropriately licensed and experienced?
  • Does your insurance cover you for damaged items during a self-move?
  • Are you covered for possible theft during the move, both in the truck and in your new home?

  • Consider the Truck
  • Are you confident about maneuvering a heavy truck?
  • Is the truck large enough for all of your furniture and cartons?
  • Are the streets too narrow at either your location or new destination?